Top 5 Best Medical Colleges in Karachi

Top 5 Best Medical Colleges in Karachi

Today I am writing about the top 5 best Medical Colleges in Karachi. For many people, becoming a doctor is a dream. Many brilliant people want to help the sick and the poor in the future by becoming healers. The path to becoming a licensed doctor needs a lot of effort and strong resolve. Selecting the correct institution can have a huge impact on your future career and last a lifetime.

Being a doctor is a noble profession. The cost of attending the best medical colleges and universities in Pakistan is a significant barrier for students. The standard tuition for the best private medical Colleges in Karachi is 700,000 PKR. The Government’s best pre-Medical Colleges in top-ranking standards charge $50,000.

Here is a detailed guide to the top 5 Best pre-Medical Colleges in Karachi. Top Medical Colleges in the private sector and government sector are comparable to those in Karachi, Pakistan.

Top 5 Best Medical Colleges in Karachi

1: Karachi Medical and Dental College

2: Dow International Medical College

3: Aga Khan University Medical College

4: Sindh Medical College

5: Bahria University Medical College

Karachi Medical and Dental College

Karachi Medical and Dental College

Since its founding in 1991, Karachi Medical and Dental College have maintained its position as the city’s top dental school. Due to the lack of a quota system and self-finance seats, KMDC was the first to institute an entrance exam for admission to its MBBS program.

KMDC continues to be one of the top medical education institutions in the nation, admitting up to 250 medical and 100 dentistry students each year. The institute is renowned for its outstanding research and teaching methods. The medical centre wants to start changing for the better.

The best pre Medical College in Karachi serves as KMDC’s degree-granting institution, while the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital serves as its teaching hospital. KMDC is accredited by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. The college, which is affiliated with the College of Physicians and Surgeons for these programs, offers postgraduate programs for FCPS and MCPS.

Open Merit Students pay 150,000 PKR for the course as part of the fee structure.

The cost of the 5-year course for international students is 5,553,125 Pakistani rupees.

The 5-year program costs 11,817 USD in fees for international students.

Dow International Medical College in Karachi

Dow International Medical College in Karachi

The Dow University of Health Sciences is affiliated with the Dow International Medical College, which was founded in 2007 and uses it to issue degrees. The best pre-medical college in Karachi, which has 150 places, was founded primarily to provide an educational opportunity to Pakistanis living abroad. A cutting-edge institution with a modern digital library, laboratories, research facilities, an animal house, etc. DIMC is listed in the WHO directory.

Dow International Medical College, Karachi, is a public sector medical institute situated in Karachi. The goal of Dow International Medical College is to produce true medical professionals. Moreover, the institute offers PhD programs in all fields. The medical school there is Karachi’s best.

The Dow University Hospital and the Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases are also partners with the college. The college also has separate dorms for men and female students. For students’ extracurricular activities, the school has a cricket pitch and a gym with all the necessary equipment.

Fees & Costs:

International students must pay an annual fee of 17,000 USD, or 85,000 USD in total.

Overseas Sponsored Students must pay a fee of 50,000 USD, or 10,000 USD per year.

Hostel fees: one thousand dollars annually.

Aga Khan University Medical College in Karachi

Aga Khan University Medical College in Karachi

One of the most well-known and prestigious medical education programs in the nation is provided by the Aga Khan University Medical College. As a part of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Aga Khan University, the college was founded in 1983. 

The program places a strong emphasis on developing students’ intellectual, personal, and professional potential to produce future leaders and contributing members of society.

The admissions procedure does not include any quotas, reserved seating, or admissions offered in exchange for donations. Candidates from all over the world are eligible for merit-based admissions. ​​

The AKU is connected to numerous famous international universities, and its medical degree program is formatted in accordance with international norms for curriculum and evaluation. 

The program’s primary teaching methods are problem-based learning and evidence-based practice. The university provides financial aid depending on need.

For the five-year program, the tuition fee for national students is 6,350,100 PKR.

For the 5-year program, foreign students must pay 148,010 USD in tuition.

Sindh Medical College in Karachi

The government of Sindh founded the Sindh Medical College in 1973. Since becoming a university in 2012, the college, which is affiliated with the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Institute, has upgraded its facilities. 

The college offers case- and problem-based learning in a modular format. It administers tests online, boasts cutting-edge labs, and provides students with access to Wi-Fi. The college offers access to the HEC Digital Library and has a cutting-edge video conferencing facility.

The goal of Sindh Medical College, a PMDC-recognized institution, is to educate the best medical professionals and researchers around the globe. It is a prestigious medical school in the nation.

The National Institute of Child Health (NICH), the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC), and the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases are some of the linked hospitals (NICVD).

The 5-year program’s fee structure for Open Merit candidates is 159,500 Pakistani rupees.

Bahria University Medical College in Karachi

A federally recognised public sector university is Bahria University. Bahria University has campuses in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore in addition to its main location there. 

The Pakistan Navy founded Bahria University in 2000, and since then it has developed gradually into one of the top institutes of higher learning in Pakistan. It is crucial in developing future leaders who can improve the world in which they live. 

Health sciences, engineering sciences, computer sciences, management sciences, social sciences, law, earth and environmental sciences, psychology, and maritime studies are among the multidisciplinary programs offered by the comprehensive university Bahria.

The college uses interactive learning and modular teaching techniques in accordance with the problem-based learning approach. The college is furnished with labs, museums, special classrooms for small-group instruction, and a skills lab. As its teaching hospital, it is associated with PNS Shifa.

The college is focused on research and has previously hosted three national symposia. There are currently 100 students allowed per year. The college is now setting up a residence hall on campus for its students.

The cost of the five-year program for local students is 6,065,720 Pakistani rupees.


The government and private medical colleges in Karachi are described in this article along with their amenities, affiliations, and tuition rates. On your path to becoming a future healthcare professional, pick the one that best fits you.

Which is the best Medical College in Karachi?

Bahria University Medical College

Note: I sincerely hope you found this material useful which top best pre Medical Colleges in Karachi 2023. Also available is information about the List of the top 5 Medical Colleges and Universities in Pakistan

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