Top 10 Colleges in Multan for FSC FA ICS ICOM O/A levels 2023

Top 10 Colleges in Multan for FSC

The socioeconomic progress of a nation depends on its level of education. The goal of education is to give youngsters a strong foundation upon which to build their future. If you don’t have an education, you won’t just be left behind because society is changing so quickly; you’ll also be outmoded. Learning to read, write, talk, and listen helps pupils develop their social skills.

Anyone’s life should include time in college since it gives them the education and information, they need to develop a successful future.

The best universities in Multan are those that accept students from all backgrounds, regardless of their financial situation, and provide them with high-quality instruction in a broad range of subjects.

The best colleges in Multan also provide a supportive learning environment, extra services like tutoring and mentoring, and help students find work after graduation. A person’s decision to attend the best college in Multan marks a key life milestone and could have a lasting effect on their future.

In the south Punjab region, Multan colleges are well-known for their academic programs and grades. There are numerous public and private colleges in Multan. Colleges offer degree and speciality programs. You are on the right platform if you are looking for the top 10 best colleges in Multan.

Top 10 Colleges in Multan for FSC FA ICS ICOM O/A levels 2023

1: Multan Public School and College

2: Army Public School and College for Girls

3: Multan Post Graduate Law College

4: Nishat College of Science, Multan

5: Kips College, Multan

6: FG Degree College for Boys, Multan Cantt 

7: Superior College, Multan

8: Central College, Multan

9: Punjab College of Science and Commerce, Multan

10: City College of Science and Commerce, Multan

Multan Public School and College

The public school that is regarded as the best and most well-liked school is Multan Public School & College. This university is one of Multan’s top schools, and the quality of education offered there is of a better calibre.

The faculty staff is chosen for this school to provide the pupils with a high-quality education. Boys and girls have separate buildings at the school, and both blocks are close to Bahauddin Zakariya University. Due to the size of the educational facility and the extensive play areas it contains, the students may maintain their health and be active through sports and other activities.

The needs of the pupils in terms of education and academics are met by this educational institution. The school uses the most up-to-date and cutting-edge teaching methodologies, which aids in the development of the students’ leadership, learning, and communication skills.

You may find Multan Public School and College phone number, address, and location on a map, the most recent admissions information for 2022, the merit list for 2022, the results for 2022, the entry test, rankings for jobs, the cost of the programs and courses, and the fee schedule here.

Courses & Programs

See a list of all the programs and courses Multan Public School and College is offering for admissions in 2022. View the most recent Multan Public School and College courses and programs online, including course descriptions for school, college, institute, and university levels.

  • FA General Science
  • FSC Pre Engineering
  • FSC Pre Medical
  • ICS
  • ICS Computer Science
  • FA in Arts
  • ICOM in Commerce

Contact Information:

Phone: 0312 6461233


Army Public School and College for Girls in Multan

Army Public School and College for Girls Multan

The Multan Garrison Education System (MGES), Multan, is the organization behind the Army Public School & College (APS&C) for Girls, Multan Cantt. The main goal of MGES is to offer Cantt/Garrison, and Multan kids an education of an international standard.

As a result, MGES primarily oversees the management of the Army Public School & College for Girls in Multan Cantt, which is associated with the Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education FBISE, Islamabad.

The APSC&S for Girls, Multan Cantt, was founded to offer an exceptional educational program of worldwide standards that motivates and equips all pupils for success in a global context at reasonable prices.

The APS&C also plans extracurricular events like plays, sports, debates, quizzes, Qiraat/Naat, celebrations of elocution days, and other events. Following the house-based competitions are the regional inter-school competitions for Multan.

The Army Public School and College for Girls in Multan, Punjab, is situated in the Multan Cantonment. You can find Army Public School and College for Girls Multan’s contact information, address, and map location here, along with information on the most recent admissions for 2022, the merit list for 2022, the results for 2022, entry tests, rankings, and available employment.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]


Contact: 061-6350504

Multan Post Graduate Law College

It is a Multan-based degree-granting institution. One of Multan’s oldest and most renowned educational institutions is Post Graduate College. The college has also been recognized as a model educational institution due to its high-quality instruction, highly experienced faculty, and favourable research environment.

It has a highly qualified teaching staff. The lecturers are really friendly and always willing to help out when their pupils need it. They guide us through our academics and other activities and are outstanding teachers.

The principal of this college is an accomplished and well-educated person. Although he is strict, he is nevertheless conscious of his obligations to his students. He penalizes both the good guys and the bad guys in addition to the bad guys.

The institution’s management and teaching staff are very welcoming and supportive of the students in finding solutions to their issues. The students and teachers have a cordial relationship that helps the pupils learn positive things about their education.

Because the teachers are working hard to impart sound knowledge to the students, the institution has recently been achieving good results toward the conclusion of each year.

The college also expects students to behave in a disciplined manner when studying, which will once again result in strong exam performance. There is no distance between the students and the teachers, so the students can find themselves learning in a wonderful setting.

Programs and Courses

  • LLB
  • LLB Hons

Contact Information

Address: Lodhi Colony, Multan, Punjab 66000, Gulgasht Avenue close to the education board

Phone: 03007388442

Nishat College of Science in Multan

Nishat College of Science in Multan

Private Nishat College of Science in Multan offers instruction in a range of subjects. The English Medium School NGSC is committed to the advancement of education in the community. A sizable facility in Multan called the Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges accommodates many students from the surrounding area.

If you want to receive a quality education at a fair price, this college is the best choice. In the area of science and technology, it is a fantastic institution. The school promised to sustain strong educational excellence, support student success, and offer opportunities for ongoing development.

The College will help students to develop into knowledgeable, involved, and useful citizens who comprehend and value diversity through a range of curricula and social, intellectual, and artistic activities.

The College will support students in their pursuit of becoming informed, active, and productive citizens who comprehend and cherish humanity. Programs are available at the Nishat College of Science in Multan to help students meet their academic goals.

The college has ties to Multan’s Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. For Intermediate students in FSC PRE ENGINEERING, PRE-MEDICAL, ICS, and ICOM, the college provides a competitive platform to compete with Multan’s institutions.

The Nishat College of Science in Multan is renowned for its top-notch co-curricular and academic accomplishments. The school provides pupils with the best education possible, giving them the knowledge and abilities, they’ll need to succeed in their future endeavours.

The teacher at the college is really knowledgeable, and the campus is a great place to learn. They are committed to providing their students with a top-notch education.

Contact information:

Punjab’s Multan is located at Lodhi Colony Rd.

Phone: 03007300124

Kips College in Multan

The well-known KIPS college is another institution on our list. Knowledge in Preparatory School is referred to as KIPS. It is a commercial academic organization. It offers kids a top-notch education. Kips is a Pakistani company with about 150 campuses spread out across the nation. Currently, KIPS Colleges has 25 campuses in seven cities around Punjab and the Federal Capital.

In Multan, Kips College offers a challenging environment for Intermediate and Graduation students. The school has an excellent learning environment and a faculty that has undergone extensive training. We are committed to giving our students a top-notch education that will support their future goals.

Professors at Kips College are highly qualified and uphold a strict code of conduct. Additionally, they must disseminate all information regarding new rules and regulations.

The KIPS educational system has started to publish, and in it, they offer pupils special observations based on their research wing. It is one of the most esteemed private institutes in Multan. In addition to regular lectures, the college promotes review and exam sessions, counselling sessions, and scholarship opportunities. Students can also get free educational sessions and career guidance from counsellors at the college.

Contact information:

Address: Multan, Punjab, Bosan Rd

Phone: 03054440510

FG Degree College for Boys in Multan Cantt 

A notable institution for more than 50 years is the FG Degree College for Boys, located on Qasim Bela Road in Multan Cantt. It has been delivering high-quality education and instilling work ethic and devotion in young minds to empower them to become engaged members of society who are confident, poised, and humble.

These mentees are educated by FG Degree College for Boys, Qasim Bela Road, Multan Cantt, with modern, pertinent knowledge while keeping in mind their potential. We then mentor their talent and hone their skills with a total commitment using the resources at our disposal, validating them to succeed in any environment.

The FG Degree College for Boys, located on Qasim Bela Road in Multan Cantt, offers top-notch instruction under the direction of knowledgeable and experienced lecturers, as well as several facilities. The Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education FBISE, Islamabad and the University of Punjab PU, Lahore are partners with the college’s ICS, FA, F. Sc Pre-Medical, F. Sc Pre-Engineering, I. Com, and bachelor-level BA, B. Sc programs.

In Multan Cantonment, Multan, Punjab, Fg Degree College for Boys Qasim Bela Road Multan Cantt is situated on Shuhada Avenue. Here you can discover information about Fg Degree College for Boys Qasim Bela Road Multan Cantt, including its phone number, address, and location on a map. You can also find out about its most recent admissions policies, as well as its course and program offerings, merit list and results for 2022.

Program and Courses

Check out the full list of courses and programs that Fg Degree College for Boys on Qasim Bela Road in Multan Cantt offers for 2022 admissions. View the most recent programs and courses for school, college, institute, and university level with course details online at Fg Degree College for Boys Qasim Bela Road Multan Cantt.

  • FA General Science
  • FSC Pre Engineering
  • FSC Pre Medical
  • ICS
  • ICS Computer Science
  • BSC Science

Contact Information:

Address: Shuhada Ave, Multan Cantonment, Multan, Punjab

Contact: 061-4548580

Superior College in Multan

The Superior Group of Colleges upholds a set of guiding ideals that include a sense of mission, innovation and creativity, cooperation and teamwork, excellence, and performance incentives. This is reflected in education, study plans, and the degree of acclaim given to outstanding achievement.

Students who maintain their positions are consistently lavishly recognized with trophies, cash prizes, and even cars. This honourable accolade inspires our students to succeed even more in the future.

The college offers a BBA and Bachelor of Commerce program as well. Every year, in the autumn semester, which lasts from September through October, Superior College Multan accepts new students.

Applications for admission can be found on the college’s official website. Students can easily apply for admission on the college’s website.

Superior College Multan is a unique institution with state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge lab technology, and, most importantly, exceptionally qualified and motivated faculty members dedicated to providing the highest calibre of education.

Because of the dedication and sheer hard work of teachers, administrators, and students alike, Superior College Multan has achieved incredible academic success. Superior has made a name for itself in Multan’s educational community thanks to outstanding rankings at the university and board levels. All intermediate and bachelor’s programs are available.

Contact information:

Address: Punjab College, Bahadurpur, Multan, opposite Mehmood Kot Metro Station

Phone: 0616512531

Central College in Multan

One of Multan’s top colleges is Central College. As a non-profit organization, Central College was established in Multan in 1992 to provide deserving students with affordable access to advanced degrees.

When Central College originally opened its doors, it was the first public or private college to offer cutting-edge programs like the B.Sc. in Computer Sciences. Since then, they have continued to provide unmatched quality, and the school has developed into Multan’s premier university, offering a wide variety of programs taught by qualified instructors.

In addition to the intermediate courses, they also offer bachelor’s degrees in economics. The program’s majors, which range from intermediate to master’s levels, include natural sciences, commerce, business, law, and social sciences.

The accomplishments of Central College Multan in the classroom and outside of it are well known. The school provides pupils with the best education possible, giving them the knowledge and abilities, they’ll need to succeed in their future endeavours.

The school has a superb learning environment and a faculty that has undergone extensive training. The Central College Multan faculty members are highly qualified and follow a rigid curriculum.

Contact information:

Address: Bosan Rd, Multan, Punjab, 1-A Gulgasht Colony Near Gulbagh

Phone: 0616221002

Punjab College of Science and Commerce in Multan

As they endeavour to create a brave, strong, and useful nation, Punjab College teaches its students how to act logically, think clearly, work hard, explain themselves effectively, and function ethically in all facets of life. Numerous businesses in the domains of education, information technology, communications, and media are part of the Punjab Group.

Co-curricular pursuits receive a lot of emphasis at the college. The school throws welcome and departure celebrations to encourage student interaction. At the college, students can take part in entertainment tours, scientific galleries, sporting events, fun fairs, cultural days, musical performances, workshops, and art exhibitions.

Contact information

Al Mustafa Colony Shamsabad Colony, Khanewal Rd, Multan, Punjab 60000

Contact: 0614510574

City College of Science and Commerce in Multan

The City College of Science and Commerce is a top-notch college. It provides high-quality education to its students. It supports the growth of our personalities and thoughts. It is situated in the heart of the city. It is beautifully constructed.

The rooms are tastefully furnished and have good ventilation. The institution has a sizable playground in front of it. There are a lot of books, newspapers, and journals at the library. Large labs and workshops are available for hands-on training. Boys’ and girls’ hostels are separate and offer all modern comforts.

They mentor students in their academic work and extracurricular pursuits in addition to educating them. For games and extracurricular activities including debates, tests, literary activities, and other activities that help students uncover their hidden talents, the college offers first-rate facilities. The college offers many undergraduate programs, including FSc, Icom, ICs, and others.

Large labs and workshops are available for hands-on training. Separate hostels for boys and girls with all modern amenities are available.

The principal of the college is a well-known person with years of teaching and leadership experience. He is aided by a team of exceptionally capable professors and academics who devote their time and efforts to him.

Contact information:

Address: Officers Colony, 18-A Bosan Rd, Multan, Punjab

Phone: 0616562281

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