Top 5 Best Colleges in Rawalpindi for FSC FA ICS ICOM O/A levels 2023

Top 5 Best Colleges in Rawalpindi for FSC

Today I am writing about the Top 5 Best Colleges in Rawalpindi for FSC FA ICS ICOM O/A levels 2023 in easy and short wordings. Have you obtained your matriculation and are looking for a school to enroll in and continue your studies? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot because we’re going to provide you with a list of the Best Colleges in Rawalpindi, Islamabad for FSC, ICS, ICOM, O/A levels, and FA that you’ve never seen before.

This list will provide you with the top universities in Rawalpindi and other organizations that provide services in the sphere of education. Regarding their methods of instruction and edification, each college has its reputation and is highly known. These institutions are on our list for this reason, and we are very certain that this information will assist you in choosing the institute and college that best suits your academic interests.

This list of the finest best colleges in Rawalpindi for FSC, ICS, ICOM, and FA will provide you with the greatest specialists for all the courses you wish to study as well as the chance to enroll in one of Rawalpindi’s top universities.

Top 5 Best Colleges in Rawalpindi for FSC FA ICS ICOM O/A Levels 2023

1: F.G. Sir Syed College, Rawalpindi

2: Govt Graduate College Asghar Mall Rawalpindi

3: Govt Gordon College Rawalpindi

4: OPF Boys College Rawalpindi

5: Army Public School and College System, Rawalpindi

F.G Sir Syed College in Rawalpindi

It was elevated from Public school to Inter College in 1968. Degree classes were then offered in 1972. Since its founding, the college has made strides in both the academic and extracurricular realms.

Additionally, it is the pride of the community’s “Position Gaining College.” After graduating from the institution, F.G. Sir Syed College students consistently achieve exceptional achievements in every department and field they enter, enhancing the school’s reputation.

Around 150 of our gifted students receive an A1 grade in the HSSC-II (Intermediate 2nd Year) examination administered by the Federal Board each year and are subsequently accepted into reputable universities and medical institutes for their higher/professional studies.

Academic Achievement

Many pupils in Rawalpindi and Islamabad received an A-1 grade on the FBISE. In FG Sir Syed College, more than a thousand students are accepted each year. FBISE awarded the college second and third place this year in HSSC Part II.

Since the college’s founding, its students have attained 127 positions on the Federal Board. The college received 152 A+ grades and 86 A grades the previous academic year.

Application Process:

Up until the deadline specified by the admissions committee, the college receives admission forms that are correctly filled out and completed in every way. Incomplete forms are immediately rejected.

The college posts lists of applicants who are qualified for interviews and publishes the interview dates.

Candidates who have been approved for admission must read the PLEDGE in the Principal’s office in front of a parent or responsible adult.

After the Principal has signed the candidate’s application and the candidate has paid all college fees by the date indicated on the “admission form,” the candidate is considered officially admitted to the institution.

Govt Graduate College Asghar Mall in Rawalpindi

Govt Graduate College Asghar Mall in Rawalpindi

Government Post Graduate College, Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi is a renowned and historic government college in the city. It was originally formed as Sanatan Dharma High School. It was founded in 1904 as a high school by the Hindu religious organization Sanatan Dharma.

It is a constituent of the University of Punjab, Lahore, and offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The college has a library with more than 14000 books and journals. The college has a wide range of facilities for sports, including cricket, football and hockey grounds, a swimming pool and a gymnasium.

The college was established in 2006 and is named after Asghar Mall, a former Prime Minister of Pakistan. The college offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in English, Economics, History, Urdu, and Political Science. The college also offers a two-year Master of Arts (MA) program in English, Economics, History, Urdu, and Political Science. 

The college campus is situated in the heart of Rawalpindi city, near the famous shrine of Baba Gurditta Ji, on Murree Road. It is about 1 km from Grand Trunk Road (G.T. Road) and about 5 km from Jinnah International Airport (Islamabad). The surrounding area has many restaurants and hotels for accommodation purposes for students and staff members, including GGC Hotel, owned by the college management.

Govt Gordon College in Rawalpindi

Govt Gordon College in Rawalpindi

Govt Gordon College Rawalpindi is located at Asghar Mall Road, Rawalpindi. It is a government college and was established in 1994. The college started with only 60 students. The campus covers an area of about 20 acres. 

The college has many buildings including an auditorium, a library, a computer lab, and a large hall. The college offers programs in the fields of arts, commerce, and science. The following are the programs offered at the college. 

The college has a large number of teachers. Most of them are well-trained. The college has a student support cell which provides support to the students. The college has been given many awards for its excellent performance during its short history.

A teacher’s job can be challenging but also very rewarding for those who have the right mindset for it. Read on to learn more about how to become a teacher in Pakistan, requirements, salary, and career prospects. 

Steps to Become a Teacher in Rawalpindi: 

1.) Earn your bachelor’s degree (Bachelor’s degree holders can apply for the post of assistant teacher while those with master’s degrees can apply for the post of lecturer) 

2.) Get your teaching license from your provincial department of education. Each province usually has its education department that issues licenses to prospective teachers after they have passed their test. 

For example, candidates who wish to become teachers in Punjab must apply to the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) and those who wish to teach in Sindh should apply to the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF).

Candidates should note that they will not be able to apply for teaching jobs without first obtaining their license from the respective provincial department of education. Candidates may also be required to undergo training at one or more colleges before being issued their licenses depending on whether they hold bachelor’s degrees or have completed their master’s degrees. 

3.) Find teaching jobs (You can find teaching jobs online or you can check with local schools).

OPF Boys College in Rawalpindi

According to the Emigration Ordinance of 1979, OPF was created. According to the Companies Act of 1913, it was registered as a Not-for-Profit Company on July 8, 1979. (Now Companies Act, 2017, Section-42).

It is a public corporation controlled by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan’s Public Sector Companies (Corporate Governance) Rules, 2013. (SECP). The Board of Governors is OPF’s governing body, and it oversees all activities while receiving policy directives from the government.

There is a severe lack of qualified subject teachers across the board in Pakistan’s education system. In this regard, the OPF education system is not an exception. The problem is especially pronounced in OPF institutions found in rural areas of the nation, from which top talent frequently migrates to larger cities in pursuit of better possibilities.

To address these issues, educators all around the world are incorporating effective Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into their curricula to enhance student-teacher engagement.

The OPF Scholarship Program has been updated, and as long as the requirements are met, children of Overseas Pakistanis will now be eligible for scholarships regardless of their current semester or year. The following programs will be able to offer scholarships to the children of Pakistanis living abroad.

Programs leading to intermediate or comparable degrees, such as MBBS, BDS, and bachelor’s degrees in engineering, as well as MS programs (18 years of education)


Minimum 60% marks or a 2.5 CGPA in the most recent SSC/HSSC board exams, or graduation, master’s degree, etc. from a university accredited by the HEC.

The candidate must have at least one registered OPF parent, either their mother or father (valid for 03 years after permanent return).

The parent’s monthly salary must be at least Rs. 100,000. obtaining no additional scholarships for the academic year.

Army Public School and College System in Rawalpindi

The mission of the APSAC Institution, which was founded on October 3rd, 2005, was to “Reform Army Public Schools and Colleges” into a top-tier educational system that could deliver inexpensive, high-quality instruction to soldiers.

The goal of the formation of such a System was to standardize and promote uniformity in Army Schools so that children of military people who regularly relocate due to military obligations would be spared from financial and mental strain.

One of Pakistan’s largest educational institutions, the Army Public Schools & Colleges System (APSACS), offers instruction up to the intermediate level. With the oversight of 18 Regional Directors, the APSAC System runs in 18 regions across Pakistan.

The APSACS Secretariat acts as the main organizing body and regulates the technical components of the system. Shama Saeed is the APSACS’s director. Rawalpindi X Corps (Pakistan) Region is the system’s largest region. Brigadier General Tahir Ali Syed serves as the regional director of the X Corps (Pakistan) Region.

One of Pakistan’s largest educational systems is the APSAC System. Aziza Hayat founded the APSAC System and Mam. Shama Saeed serves as its creator and director. The X Corps (Pakistan) region is the largest in the System.

Brigadier (R) Tahir Ali Syed SI is the X Corps (Pakistan) region’s regional director (Military). 37 schools and colleges are under the administration of the region (registered With the APSACS Secretariat).

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