Top 5 Schools in Lahore for Matric Education 2023

Today I am writing about the top 5 schools in Lahore for matric education in 2023. Choosing the best schools in Lahore for a child can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best schools in Lahore for matric education that you might want to consider sending your kids to for a great future.

Aside from having some of the top matric best schools in Pakistan, International Lahore is a fairly large city. Every sector and block has many schools, and the many curricula taught there span several disciplines. While some schools only offer Montessori instruction, some only provide O-Levels, and yet others only provide matriculation or A-Levels.

Lahore is one of the most well-known and populated cities in Pakistan. The city of gardens, Lahore, serves as the provincial capital of Punjab.

Top 5 Schools in Lahore for Matric Education 2023

1: Lahore American School

2: Educator group of schools

3: Army Public School

4: Pakistan Grammar School

5: Divisional Public School

Lahore American School

The best school in Lahore, Pakistan, there is a private, independent school called Lahore American School. In 1985, it was founded. Mr Nazir Ahmed Dedhe, Dr Aslam Khan, and Dr Aftab Feroze were the school’s founding members. Their goal was to create a co-educational school that would offer youngsters from many cultural backgrounds an excellent American-style education.

The Dedhia Group of Schools (DGS), which also owns Lahore Grammar School, Lahore Lyceum, The City School, and Beacon House School System, is the parent company of numerous educational institutions, including LAS.

Since 1987, LAS has challenged the status quo in Pakistan’s educational system by offering women educational chances. The school was the first to provide A-Levels to female students. In Lahore in 2014, it served as the impetus for the revival of yearly theatrical shows and the inclusion of parliamentary-style discussions. 

Through its major humanitarian efforts with institutions like the Sundas Foundation and the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, LAS is committed to promoting true equality in Pakistan.

Educator Group of school in Lahore

Over the past ten years, the educator group of schools has established itself as a force. With more than 5 branches in Lahore that are strategically placed throughout the city, the group has solidified its position as one of the most forward-thinking and creative organizations in the area.

The organization provides its students with an enriching educational experience through its current curricula which are taught by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. A wide range of extracurricular activities and training is also provided by the schools to support the overall growth of their students.

By delivering excellence in education within our sociocultural framework, “THE EDUCATORS” seeks to provide a quality learning experience for the students and quality training for the teachers, bringing about benefits for the students, the community, and the nation.

Quality education, provided to a cross-section of our society through viable projects, is “THE EDUCATORS”‘ perspective of it as the primary resource for national development.

Army Public School & College (APSC) in Lahore

The Army Public School & College (APSC) is one of Pakistan’s finest educational institutions. The Pakistan Army founded it in 1975 as a private school, and in 1987 it was transformed into a college. It has locations all around the nation and is run by the Pakistan Army’s Education Corps.

The college is situated in Pakistan’s Walton Cantonment, Lahore. Numerous famous graduates from a variety of areas, including Imran Khan, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Ghazanfar Ali Gul, and retired general Muhammad Nazir have all graduated from the college (politician).

Admission to classes 1 to 8 is based on merit while admission to classes 9-12 is based on a written examination followed by an interview.

The school has two campuses, one for boys and another for girls. The campus for boys is located on Ravi Road and the campus for girls is located on Canal Road. Both campuses are equipped with their own football grounds, basketball courts, cricket grounds and hockey grounds.  The school is divided into 4 houses: Bara Hall (Red), Gulshan Hall (Green), Khaya ban Hall (Yellow) and Ravi Hall (Blue). Students are divided into four houses which compete against each other in sports and other extracurricular activities.  

The Army Public school has its own swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts, rifle range and a gymnasium. The school also has a large auditorium and a large central library. The school has its cadet corps which is divided into three wings: Junior Wing (Classes 6-8), Middle Wing (Classes 9-10) and Senior Wing (Classes 11-12). Each wing has its company commander who is an officer from the Pakistan Army. 

Each wing also has its adjutant who is a Junior Commissioned Officer from the Pakistan Army.  The school also has its own scout group which is divided into three wings: Junior Scouts (Classes 6-8), Senior Scouts (Classes 9-10) and Rover Scouts (Classes 11-12). The scouts are under the supervision of an army officer from PAEC who acts as their leader and adviser. 

The school’s annual sports day event is held at the end of each academic year. The event features several sporting events such as track & field events, swimming events, cricket matches and tug of war competitions among others. The event concludes with an award ceremony where awards are given to students who have excelled in different fields such as academics, extra-curricular activities and sports.

Pakistan Grammar School in Lahore

The best school in Lahore, there is a private school called Pakistan Grammar School. It was started in 1955 by a group of instructors who left Cathedral High School to open their institution. There are two branches of the campus, one of which is on Jail Road and the other on Zafar Ali Road. While the branch on Jail Road offers classes from kindergarten through the 10th grade, the branch on Zafar Ali Road offers classes from kindergarten through O’ level and A’ level.

Our Mission We are committed to providing quality education in a caring, safe, disciplined and joyful environment. We strive to instil in our students a desire for lifelong learning, a respect for self and others and an appreciation of diversity. It is our mission to provide an atmosphere that will foster the development of each child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social potential. 

Our school community is dedicated to the development of each child as an individual and as a member of the group. We believe that each child has unique needs, abilities and interests that should be encouraged and nurtured. Our goal is to help our students become happy, responsible citizens who are confident in their abilities, realize their potential and develop a positive self-image. 

We are committed to providing quality education in a caring, safe, disciplined and joyful environment. We strive to instil in our students a desire for lifelong learning, a respect for self and others and an appreciation of diversity. It is our mission to provide an atmosphere that will foster the development of each child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social potential.

Divisional Public School in Lahore

One of the most recognized private schools in Lahore is Divisional Public School. From nursery to matriculation, the institution offers classes. DPS Lahore is associated with the BISE LAHORE and is a premier educational institution in Pakistan.

Divisional Public School (DPS) is a type of public school in the United States and Canada that is divided into divisions. Each division has its curriculum and students are placed in divisions based on their age and grade level.   

DPS schools are typically larger than other public schools and offer a more diverse range of courses and programs. They also typically have a higher proportion of minority and low-income students. 

DPS schools are often seen as being more academically rigorous than other public schools, and they have been shown to have higher test scores and graduation rates. 

Which School is best in Lahore?

Aitchison School and College

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