Top 5 Best Schools in Islamabad for Matric Education 2023

Today I am writing about the top 5 best schools in Islamabad for matric education in 2023. Every youngster has a fundamental entitlement to an education from one of the top institutions. A student’s mind, reasoning, and personality are nurtured and polished by education. 

They become greater and better members of society as a result. List of Top best schools in Islamabad are the major factor that helps parents understand how crucial it is to choose the greatest possible school for their child. 

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is quoted as saying, “A parent gives his child nothing greater than a decent education.”

It causes the parents to worry a little bit about their child’s education because it causes them so much concern. To ensure their child’s survival in the contemporary and cutthroat world, every parent wishes to locate the best school for their child. Islamabad has several top schools because it is one of the most developed and literate cities in Pakistan. 

With so many private schools competing with public schools nowadays, parents may find it challenging to make their choice. We’ll assist you with it and inform you about some of Islamabad top best schools.

List of best Islamabad Schools 2023 Admissions

1:  Froebel’s International School

2:  Schola Nova Islamabad

3:  Beacon House School System:

4:  Head Start School

5:  Roots Millennium School

Froebel’s International School in Islamabad

Established in 1975 by Mrs. Sabiha Zamir Khan, Froebel’s International is a private school. With 8 sites and a committed and qualified faculty in Pakistan, the school that began with 10 pupils and 4 teachers has grown to include this number.

The school has top-notch faculty, modern labs, an art and craft center, not to mention lovely outdoor sports facilities. Preschool, primary, secondary, and O/A-level credentials are offered by the institution. The school places a strong emphasis on the growth of its pupils’ intellectual and artistic qualities.

Froebel’s International School is renowned for providing academic, athletic, extracurricular, and social programmes to hundreds of students, ranging in age from the youngest 6-week-olds in the daycare to up to 18-year-olds who are professionals in their industries.

Every student feel appreciated in a supportive and courteous environment, and they recognize the benefits of variety in terms of gender, physical or mental abilities, culture, and origin. Success at Froebel is a direct result of the committed faculty, diligent students, strict parents, and devoted school administration. Teachers and school administrators work hard to ease students’ transitions to higher education and adulthood by carefully balancing freedom and control.

There are numerous locations of Frobel’s International School in Islamabad. Here are their phone numbers.

Address: 10 Street 13, F-7/2 F 7/2 F-7, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Phone: +92 512 652164, +92 512 652165

Schola Nova Islamabad in Islamabad

Learn to Lead is the school’s motto, and they go above and above to uphold it. Schola Nova, which was founded in 1998, is recognized as one of the top educational institutions in Islamabad. Preschool, primary, secondary, O/A levels, and higher secondary degrees are all offered by the institution. Children’s social and interpersonal skills are also developed by the school’s dialectic and social work society.

Established in 1995 with the goal of focusing on Latin and historic Greek, Schola Nova is an international school system of Greco-Latin humanities. Teenagers in Pakistan are receiving instruction from Schola Nova, where they are taught how to pave the route for a successful future. 

Since its founding, Schola Nova has kept traditions of high academic standards, fostered by a community that values satisfaction in all spheres. Every student’s development is aided by their increased awareness, self-reliance, and readiness to learn objectively and assume responsibility for their community as 21st-century citizens. A network that is driven by zeal and tenacity is called Schola Nova. With expanded academic courses, it offers a well-rounded academic experience.

Address: F-8/3 F-8/3 F-8 Street 5, Islamabad, Pakistan (Islamabad Capital Territory 44000).

Phone numbers: 051-2262090, 051-2855003

Beacon House School System in Islamabad

Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri established the Les Anges Montessori Academy for Toddlers in Lahore in 1975, and today the Beacon House School has grown to include locations in many different nations. 

Beacon House School has locations in more than 30 cities in Pakistan, totaling over 146. Since then, Beacon House has grown into a global network of private schools due to a Pakistani relationship with Gymboree Play and Music and Concordia’s mission to provide graduate students with distinctive and important information. 

Preparation for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) and the Local Secondary School Certificate international examinations is combined at Beacon House Islamabad with preschool, elementary, and secondary education (SSC).

One of the most well-liked best private schools in Islamabad and the entire nation is Beaconhouse School System. Today, it also offers additional educational credentials including O/A levels, IGCSE, and more.

Additionally, the Beaconhouse School System adheres scrupulously to a strong child protection policy. In addition, the campuses provide the most recent computer labs, libraries, and technology. They also assist their pupils with the application and placement processes for universities.

Address: Main Margalla Road and Kosar Road, F-7/3 F-7, Islamabad, Pakistan’s Islamabad Capital Territory

Phone: +92 51 111 232 266, +92 51 261 3869

Head Start School in Islamabad

In 1965, Head Start was created for the first time. In order to emphasize the incredible diversity of the world, Head Start develops a curriculum that is authentically Pakistani. 

The purpose of Head Start is to design education with a focus on encouraging humanism and moral courage. include all the skills necessary for 21st-century global proficiency and active local citizenship. College kids are being taught how to engage with and learn from their surroundings to the best of their abilities in Head Start’s academic environment.

They aid college students in understanding their capacity to find the best option for their skills and interests from the very beginning. The goal of Head Start is to provide kids with all of the necessary skills and abilities to enable them to pursue a desired career.

Address: Street 1-A, Kuri Road, Islamabad, Pakistan’s Islamabad Capital Territory.

Dial: +92 51 843 5473

Roots Millennium School in Islamabad

Roots Millennium School is the next institution that enjoys broad public support. Due to its academic excellence, creativity, globalisation, and cutting-edge educational system, it is regarded as one of the best schools in Pakistan. 

If you’re looking for a top-notch education in Pakistan, Roots Millennium is the best choice for you because of its 33-year history, 6000+ alumni, and more than 25 educational credentials.

By offering exceptional academic programs supported by internationally recognized credentials, social diversity, academic distinction, and creative accomplishments, Millennium Education is dedicated to becoming a global school and committed to meeting the needs and aspirations of a variety of students.

By developing student perspectives, knowledge, and values, millennium education aims to address global concerns while maximizing children’s potential in psychological, intellectual, academic, physical, and cultural spheres. Students’ interests and curiosity are affected and stimulated by both faculty and peers in this learning environment.

The school offers educational counselling to its students in addition to the regular educational resources by giving them the opportunity to take advantage of the diversity that includes the creative arts, athletics, STEM, Robotics, entrepreneurship, community service, Chinese and German languages, Clubs, and Societies, sustainable food café, gymnastics, reading, nature carnivals, social inclusion programmed, debates, and thematic declamation.

Address:  Engineering Cooperative, Block H D-18, JVX2+HVF, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan’s Islamabad Capital Territory.

Phone numbers: UAN +92 51 111 111 193 and +92 3315060561

Which School is best in Islamabad?

Beacon House School System

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